Guided by Fellow CEOs, other C-Suite executives, founders & Owners 

A Meeting of the Minds at the CEO, C-Suite executive, Founder, and Owner Level

Participating in our mastermind groups is like having a board of directors, peer advisory, and business mentoring group all in one. Members come together to help each other explore new ideas, evaluate potential opportunities, develop strategic initiatives, and overcome business challenges. Oftentimes, they develop long-lasting, supportive relationships and contribute much of their business success to being a part of their mastermind group.

The ROI Equation

Every day leaders make important business decisions that directly impact their profitability and growth. An investment of time or money must produce an ROI. Apex Boardroom is no different. We help CEOs, C-Suite executives, Founders, and Owners fast-track decision-making processes by offering valuable and unbiased feedback from other like-minded CEOs.

Mistakes are expensive – your Apex group will help you avoid those. Making better decisions leads to generating better top and bottom-line results. When you surround yourself with fellow leaders, who have encountered and overcome many of the same challenges, the path forward becomes clear.

Strategic Sounding Board

To make real improvements, you need to go beyond what you want to hear. There is no agenda other than to help each other with unbiased feedback. This is a purely collaborative environment where Members leverage the collective knowledge of the group for their benefit. Through candid input and advice, Members help one another accomplish their goals.

Exclusive and Selective

A cohesive and highly functioning group comes from being with 12-15 non-competing CEOs, C-Suite executives, Founders, and Owners, who are selected based on the revenue, number of employees, and time in business. The reality is companies at certain stages all struggle with similar issues. Being able to mastermind around these issues is where our members find that business breakthroughs happen.

Game-Changing Results

The knowledge of top leaders didn’t come from a book. Business lessons are discovered while working in the business. Mistakes happen and smart executives shift and grow. A peer-level mastermind stops you from making the same mistakes that others have made. As a Member, you’ll move beyond your own knowledge base, find new solutions and discover opportunities.

Apply for Consideration

Qualified CEOs, other C-Suite executives, Founders, and Owners Will be Invited To Join