Participating in a Boardroom is like having a board of directors, peer advisory, and business mentoring group all in one. Members come together to help each other explore new ideas, evaluate potential opportunities, develop strategic initiatives, and overcome business challenges. Oftentimes, they develop long-lasting, supportive relationships and contribute much of their business success to being a part of their mastermind group.

Collective Wisdom

Ultimately, the future of your business falls in your hands, but you don’t have to face it alone. Apex gives you access to your own peer advisory group where you can leverage the power of collective wisdom. Through mastermind sessions and in-depth conversations, you can share your insights and experiences, overcome issues with input and advice, challenge each other to set actionable goals, and hold each other accountable to accomplish them.

Meetings & Events

We offer a flexible, hybrid approach that allows for both virtual and in-person meeting opportunities. Our mastermind groups gather in a structured mastermind setting 12 times per year. In addition, Apex offers multiple community-wide events, from panel discussions to social events.

Issue Processing

At Apex, we are focused on helping our Members achieve better results. Each half-day mastermind session will include a minimum of three spotlights in which a Member presents a specific issue or opportunity they would like to discuss. Fellow Members then provide input based on their experience and knowledge.

Skilled Moderators

Boardroom meetings utilize a structured mastermind format and highly skilled moderators to stay on track and maximize impact. Group moderators are Apex employees trained to limit disruptions and focus on gaining results for every Member at every mastermind meeting.

Small Group Size

Boardrooms can only provide positive results if you have the chance to share your input or any ideas and challenges you are facing. This requires developing an intimate, confidential setting with a limited number of Members. At Apex, we select up to 15 Members from diverse industries to carefully curate each Boardroom group.

Apply for Consideration

Qualified CEOs, other C-Suite executives, Founders, and Owners Will be Invited To Join