Frequently asked questions

A majority of the time is spent spotlighting members who bring forward issues that need to be addressed. The meetings provide a safe environment to share KPIs and hold your fellow CEOs, C-Suite executives, Founders, and Owners accountable. We stay away from speakers and presentations. The groups are all about leveraging the collective knowledge of the members to help fellow members overcome obstacles and pursue opportunities.

Prospective members schedule an interview with our Founder Forrest Blake. During the interview, we try to get an aerial view of the prospective members’ business objectives and goals over the next 5 to 10 years. We also look to understand baseline information like revenue, head count, and current growth rate so we can place the prospective member in the right group. Once interviewed, our selection committee reviews the information and extends an invitation to join if there’s a good fit.

The meetings start with Member updates. From there, we proceed to an accountability session with KPIs, and three spotlights for members to work on what’s most important to them. We wrap the meeting with a round table on key takeaways.

Typically, the groups meet virtually for 8 of the 12 meetings during the year. Each quarter, the groups meet in person in a central location that’s a quick flight for most Members (Dallas or Chicago for example). A Member with an office located in the host city may elect to provide their conference room for the meeting. Alternatively, Apex will arrange suitable meeting space.

Each group meets for 4 hours once a month. These meetings are both live and virtual. We encourage Members to participate in every meeting, but we also understand that there may be scheduling conflicts on occasion.

We understand that CEOs are busy. While there isn’t a specific requirement to attend meetings, we encourage Members to participate in 10 of the 12 meetings per year. 

Our philosophy is that smaller is better. The group size is 12-15. We expect 10-12 members at each meeting. This structure allows each member to have ample time in the spotlight to process issues and pursue opportunities.

Apex has a private, password-protected website that allows members from around the country to connect and communicate. Every Member has a profile that includes their contact information.

Apex has a strict no guesting policy to ensure that discussions remain private.

$6,000 per year.

Yes, we are always looking for full-time professionals with CEO, C-Suite, Founder or Owner experience that have the ability to facilitate a high-level meeting.

Apex and Highrise were founded by Forrest Blake. Highrise is a business networking organization for top professionals. Whereas, Apex is a mastermind organization for CEOs, other C-Suite executives, Founders, and Owners only. Apex members can find vetted subject matter experts around the country within the Highrise community.

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