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Strive for the apex of success by leveraging the benefits of a personal board and peer advisory group. With Apex Boardroom you join a community of top-level CEOs and Founders who are dedicated to growing their businesses, willing to share their knowledge and learn from others, and committed to developing actionable goals while holding each other accountable.

Trusted Advisory

At the core of our organization are Executive Masterminds that serve as trusted, peer advisory groups where you can openly and confidentially discuss the issues, challenges, and opportunities that you can’t talk through with your board or staff, getting unbiased feedback in return.

Each group is carefully cultivated with members that not only share your level of achievement but are also just as dedicated to helping you succeed, learning from your experiences, and striving for the apex of success.

Membership Process

Membership is by invitation only following a defined, vetting process, and is limited to top-level executives. The purpose of our organization is to create a dynamic environment where you can leverage the collective experience of other members and engage in strategic issue processing and brainstorming that will enable you to gain a competitive advantage, make better decisions,and accelerate your business to the apex of success.


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All Members are vetted by our selection committee prior to extending the invitation to join.


A formal invitation to join will be sent upon approval.


You will receive an invitation to onboarding and your first meeting.


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Mark Scanlon

Mark Scanlon, Co-Founder, has over 25 years of corporate strategy, operations, finance, marketing, and team-building experience in a diverse range of industries as a principal and an advisor.

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