Apex Boardroom was created for CEOs and Founders who want to dive deeper into conversations on accelerated growth, engage in collective problem-solving, and achieve new levels of success.

Forrest Blake

After starting out as a stockbroker, Forrest segued into commercial real estate, focused on tenant representation. Following great success, he harnessed his skills and entrepreneurial spirit to start multiple businesses and experienced firsthand the highs and lows of leading at the top. He surrounded himself with a circle of successful professionals and realized the deep impact they had on his business and career. This sparked a new passion to help others capture the benefit of building relationships and sharing their knowledge and experiences.

Connecting People

Working in a high-rise building commercial real estate, Forrest was aware of the many backgrounds and specialties that existed. He was also aware of how little professionals in the same building would interact, passing up an opportunity to collaborate and achieve better results. He started a networking community, Highrise Networks, to help people in proximity to meet and work with each other. There are more than 1,500 members across the country.

A Path to Apex

Connecting people is only part of the process that leads to reaching new heights in a business. Beyond that is the creative thinking and critical problem-solving that results from collective brainstorming. Forrest launched Apex Boardroom as a means of paving the way for top-level executives to come together, share their knowledge and experiences and help each other achieve greater levels of success through deep dive masterminding.

Our Philosophy

Business leaders are more apt to reach the apex of success when they share their knowledge, seek outside insight, and commit to helping others achieve the same.